Video Creation Service

People love watching videos about business and thousands of people find business every day through Youtube, Google videos and other video submission sites. It is very essential for every business to have a professional video because not everyone likes readying and a lot of people feel comfortable just watching a video about that business and a professional video increases the chances of capturing the visitor up to 50%. Videos are playing an important part of online marketing and if you would like to capture the visitor through the video submission websites and also give a professional image to your business, then you need a video.

Benefits of a professional business video:

  • Increases the chances of capturing the visitor up to 50%
  • Creates a professional image for your business
  • Could get submitted to all the video submission websites

Our video creation service features are:

  • HD quality videos
  • Professional video editing
  • Human voice over
  • Video script writing
  • Choice of voice over artists
  • Flexible packages

Examples of some of the videos:

Video creation prices:

$400 up to 60 seconds
$675 up to 120 seconds
$925 up to 180 seconds
$1125 up to 240 seconds
$1300 for up to 300 seconds

Please add $250 a minute for human voice over.