Video First Page Ranking

Video SEO Los Angeles company

There are two types of Google first page ranking

  • Website first page ranking
  • Video first page ranking

Just like website optimization, we also offer video optimization. What it means is that your videos show up in Google’s search result and get ranked.

Advantages of video optimizations:

  • Captures lot more attentions than a website URL in the search result
  • Increases the chances of capturing the visitor up to 80%
  • Increases traffic
  • gets ranked in YouTube, Google videos and depending of the keyword in Google’s search result.

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine which is owned by Google. Google purchase YouTube from Yahoo for about 1 Billion dollars and now is making 4 billion a year profit from YouTube. People love watching a video more than reading content and according to the latest statistics more and more people watch videos than reading content. So the market is going toward videos and if your business has not visibility in YouTube or Google videos, you are loosing a big portion of the market. YouTube’s concept is the same as Google and the only difference is that Google through Google you search for websites and through YouTube you search for videos. The same keyword that people type in Google to search for your business, services, products are being searched in YouTube. For example if you are  a dentist in Los Angeles, right after typing “Dentist Los Angeles” is Google, people type the same keyword in YouTube trying to find a video about your business and you need to make sure that your video is on the first page of YouTube too. Basically for the same keywords that you get ranked in Google, you also need to get ranked in YouTube and your videos needs to come up on the first page for all the services or products keywords that you provide.  another advantage of the video ranking is that it not only cranks in YouTube, Google videos, but also in Google’s search result which grabs more attention and generate more clicks. So you get ranked in the world’s larger search engines which is cooling YouTube at the same time.

Video SEO Los Angeles company

If you’re looking for a professional video SEO company in Los Angeles CA, our team at professional Optimizer will optimize and get your videos ranked so you capture 100% of the market through YouTube and Google videos. We can also assist you in making a video. please check the link below to see some examples of the kind of videos we make:

Video creation service

Check out the screen shot below. As you see the blue video captures attention much more than the rest of the search result on Google’s first page.

We get your video on the first page of Google search result for the keywords related to your business.

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