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Computer Technology Enginner/Programmer, specialized in online marketing


Angie Sarn

Account executive, customer relations and marketing consultant.


Cho Lee

Computer programmer specialized in coding and software development.


John Rickson

Computer programmer, specialized in search engine optimization (SEO), and lead generation..


Carl Loreta

Social media marketing expert, facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube marketing.


Pankaj Acharya

Computer programmer, specialized in Search engine optimization


Bita Khorsandi

Customer relations, marketing and sales.


Tamayo Hayashi

Social media management, Facebook fan page promotion, specialized in getting targeted Facebook fans.


Jonathan Barnes

Computer programmer, specialized in search engine optimization (SEO).


Jacob Watson

Computer programmer and marketer, designing websites lead capture tools.


John Hughes

Computer programmer, specialized in websites lead capture tools.


Carl Russell

Web designer and programmer, lead capture tools and App developer, video production.


Gena Cruz

Social media management and marketing, increasing Facebook fans and Twitter followers.


Monica Flores

Account executive, Customer service and sales.


James Hudson

Computer programmer and web designer, commercial video production.


Frank Andrews

Graphic and web designer Online reputation management and marketer.


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