As time goes by more people like watching the video than reading content. That’s why YouTube became the world’s second largest search engine which is owned by Google. The main difference between YouTube and Google is that Google is a search engine for websites and you to exist search engine for videos. The same keyword that people are typing in Google is also being typed in YouTube since people like finding get beat you about the business. Through the use business owners deliver their message a lot faster and connect with their audience emotional level. Also it’s much easier for people to watch you beat your then to read content. Therefore a platform like you to with millions of monthly traffic cannot be ignored.

Below is the main advantages of YouTube pay per clicks (PPC)

  • Your videos show up on top of all your competitors videos
  • Your videos show up on your competitors videos
  • You only pay for your ads if the visitor watches more than 30 seconds of your ads
  • The cost of the cliques are much cheaper than odder pay per click platforms


YouTube PPC Ads management









Just like author pay per click platforms YouTube to PPC has to be done correctly to bring laser targeted audience to your website, landing page or video and our team at professional Optimizer uses strategies that will bring laser targeted traffic to offers or services. Please contact us at (866) 311-8812 for more info.