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Search engine optimization continues to play a significant role in your success as an online marketer, why? Because the one search engine, Google, that all webmasters rely on keep making updates on regular basis, and these updates don’t resonate well with sites that aren’t well optimized in terms of SEO.


Why you should seriously consider search engine optimization services?

This question has been addressed a thousand times. But as more Google updates come into the picture, so do the answers change.

The search engines frequently hire hundreds of people they call expert raters to go through sites. These are real humans, not machines. So when they look at your site, they are all concerned with the status of your site in general and whether or not it’s fit for the visitors you’re targeting. If you look closely, you realize that the things they look for all boil down to modern search engine optimization. They typically look for the following things in general before rating your site:

(a) Site layout

(b) Content

Time and again, SEO services have addressed those two areas. but there is much more involved but it starts with the layout of your site. If your site layout is poor, it simply won’t rank to its potential. That means you will lose all the opportunities you’d take advantage of to rank on the top.

In terms of content, modern SEO doesn’t want too little yet too much keyword density or saturation. To strike the correct balance, one needs to work with an SEO expert.

The two points above represent a part of on-page SEO which can be very extensive. If you don’t have the expertise, you will simply mess up either in content or by trusting a website template that doesn’t meet SEO standards. Also, the right search engine optimization service will research the right keywords for you before placing them strategically for search engines to pick your site. The results can be long term and stable. You won’t be hit by any algorithm update by Google.

Search engine optimization

What search engine optimization covers?

Both on-page and off-page optimization matter a lot. If your site is well optimized, you will rank well, but not better. The reason being, you’ll still lose out on of-page optimization with social media and other sources.

Link-building still plays a role in SEO. The more quality links you have, the more authoritative that page becomes. Also, there are many more things that professional SEO services can advise you on to enable you to see results quickly.

With a good SEO service, you can have all aspects of search engine optimization done for you. This is ideal for people who either don’t have the expertise or time to correctly manage their website’s marketing.

There are basically different elements of search engine optimization, all of which should be executed comprehensively to help you acquire leads. But to get it right, you will need the services of someone who understands SEO and how things are changing so fast, thanks to Google’s frequent updates.

If you’re in a niche that has fierce competition, it’s going to be very difficult when it comes to beating thousands of established websites talking about your niche. But you can spare yourself a headache by taking advantage of search engine optimization to see your site rising in the results day by day. our experts at professional Optimizer ranked thousands of websites over the years. We have a one-of-a-kind network of high ranked sites which is a private network which connects your site to it while keeping the always updated with Google’s latest algorithm changes. Once we rank your site on top of Google’s search result, we keep you there and don’t let any of the competitors to take your spot on the first page.

Search engine optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of refining and tweaking your website to make it more visible on search engine result pages (SERP). It consists of many techniques from designing the website for better navigation to sharing high-quality content. There are various technical aspects, analytics and decisions involved in the process few basic things should be kept in mind. We present the basic things essential for any business to be aware of SEO.

SEO expert Los Angeles

It’s all about Keywords

SEO begins and ends with what you type in the search box. Selecting the accurate keywords for your website, posts, title tags, meta description, etc is very crucial. Choosing the highest ranking keywords may not always prove beneficial. For example, the keyword “good food” may be getting a million searches a day, but it is rather broad and may not reach your target audience. Using keywords like “Good food recipes” is a better choice as it drives the targeted visitors to your site. It is not always about getting the most visitors, but getting the correct type of visitors.

High-Quality Content Matters Too

The importance or relevant quality content can never be undermined when it comes to SEO. Google has made its algorithms smarter over the years to distinguish between gibberish content and websites providing valuable information. People use search engines to find a solution to a particular problem. Address this need and share valuable information and resource to help the public. Google’s tracking system scans for websites offering relevant content and you should always be updated on your content front.

User Friendliness is a Top Priority

SEO boils down to making your website an easy to access the source of valuable information. This involves improving website navigation, design elements, and coding or even complete overhaul of the site. You can use Google’s page Insight Tool to see how your site performs. Any recommendation or fixes suggested by the tool should be taken care of for better optimization.


SEO headlines and meta tags have been the standard rule for content. In the Google era, these do okay, but they are not enough to achieve success. Amidst a load of advertisements, you need to make your stand out. This is where headline play comes in. SEO headlines can make sure that you show up among the search results, sure, but all the search results look similar with the same keywords in each. What has been shown to be effective is indulging in the searcher’s emotions in the headlines.

If someone searches for ‘how to catch my cheating husband’, maximum results that show within advertisements will have generic names and keywords. If you get the emotional connect, like ‘catch your cheating husband today – enter his email address for a check’ it makes your ad stand out from among the rest

Social Media is Essential

Having dedicated social media pages or profiles linked with your company website is an absolute necessity for SEO these days. There are many stats proving the relation between social media presence and increased web traffic. You surely do not want to miss out on that opportunity!

The right professional optimizer will help you do a lot more. They would know just what would work for your business and help you get the best results.

As a business owner you have to be very careful when it comes to choosing a search engine optimization Los Angeles company, since the wrong company will put your website in jeopardy of getting ban or penalized by Google in case they use any kind of black hat SEO techniques. Professional Optimizer has a long track record of successful website ranking and has been the number one choice of businesses including those that offer services to celebrities. contact us today for your FREE consultation at (866) 311-8812 to analyze the market in your area so you would know exactly what you should do in order to capture 100% of the market in your area and beat the competitors. The formation that will be shared is going to be very valuable for your business.

Google Places SEO

If you’ve been doing a bit of research on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you would have come across the fact of why local SEO is important. In addition, you might have heard a lot about the importance of Google place SEO in the process of getting your website ranked. Indeed, there is absolutely no doubt about the fact that SEO strategy is important.

The aim of this article is to tell you how you can use Google Places SEO to get the best benefit. Google Places SEO helps you rank higher in search rankings for a particular place. So, if you have a restaurant in Delaware, you would want to rank higher for Delaware residents.

How to SEO your site?

There are several things which one wants to know and hence, one must enter the keywords of the query and hit the ‘enter’ key. A list of websites will be showcased in decreasing order of their relevance to the keywords entered by the web user. It is a unique web marketing technique. Optimizing involves editing of contents of a website. A site is promoted so as to increase the

It is a unique web marketing technique. Optimizing involves editing of contents of a website. A site is promoted so as to increase the backlink numbers. The quality of the content must also be outstanding to be listed in the search engine results.

This three letter acronym was implemented to carry out projects on optimization on behalf of the clients as well as by employees who performed in-house SEO services.

Google Places SEO and How It Helps

Sometimes a search engine requires editorial reviews for ranking purpose or improving the content of the web page. Google Places SEO helps businesses in today’s competitive world. You can know that people are looking at your site and those people who are actually interested in what you have to offer. Google Places SEO help you know how to rank your site higher for your customers.

Professional Optimizer

If you are looking to get your restaurant sales up, you would want to get it featured in the top of the search results. And the right Google places SEO Los Angeles will help you get right to the top of search results in an easy way. You will be able to get more business to your site, and also get better backlinks that help you. That is not all. Google SEO can help you target the Los Angeles market easily so that you can market your site to your Los Angeles customers in no time.

If you follow all the aforementioned tips, then your SEO campaign would be able to fetch you better results and almost instantly show an improvement in search engine rankings. Remember, SEO is a slow process and you may not be able to get results overnight.

Affordable SEO services

Looking forward to finding a great SEO services team that you can trust in Los Angeles? Go for a company with a well-marketed name and a good reputation. They will offer a great service, at an affordable and fair price and will ensure that your PC or laptop repair is done by professionals.

First off, how does SEO help you?

If you own a website and are looking to reach out to customers, you need to look at SEO. It’s one of the most effective ways to reach out to customers, and help increases sales and improve brand credibility. SEO, an abbreviation used for Search Engine Optimization, is a technique used by webmasters to help rank the websites which are registered on WWW at the forefront.

Generally, this technique is used for getting a good rank on various search engines. It works in a simple way. Whenever a person types a query regarding any product on the search engine, the search engines displays some relevant results. Using SEO ensures that your websites rank better than others. The website that comes on the top of the rankings and more visitors can have access to your website.

Here are some of the tips that can help you choose the best affordable SEO services in Los Angeles today.

Do not use the cheapest company just to save a few dollars. It is sometimes worth spending a few more dollars to get a better and more trusted social media agency. Remember the age old adage; you get what you pay for.

Make sure the company offers fast service. What if your website goes down? Or there is a problem that you need to be addressed immediately? It is important that you have an agency that offers around the clock service to cater for these different needs. There is nothing worse than having a website down at a busy hour when no-one is available to assist.

Ensure that the SEO Agency is Run By Qualified People. It is absolutely essential that you ensure that whoever works on your website is qualified and knows how they would help you. The right SEO agency in Los Angeles can help you bring more visitors to your site through SEO and high user engagement rates. Have your website up 24×7 without a worry while targeted social media strategies ensure that you reach out only to those customers who are really interested in your product.

Choose The Right Professional Optimizer.We can be one of the best SEO services in Los Angeles that you can hire. The company offers everything from SEO services to social media management, helping you leverage in on more profits and sales. Improve customer engagement, lower the bounce rate and do a whole lot more with your business than you thought possible.

Hiring an SEO Consultant

The way we do business in this nation has evolved tremendously over the centuries. Our country has gone through several societal revolutions that have affected the way we conduct business. The technologies we have used to get the word out about our businesses have changed dramatically throughout the years as well. What was once seen in print, in newspaper ads, and in the phone book is no longer necessary. Today’s consumer has no time to sit and read the paper. Practically anything and everything today’s consumer is looking for is searchable online.

The majority of current business owners understand that, in order to thrive in this fast-paced, online world, you not only need an attractive website, you need to know how to be found when people are looking for your product or service online. Search engines such as Google look for certain key words and indicators on your website and when these things are properly and strategically implemented, your online visibility will increase dramatically.

Chances are, however, that you don’t have the time to run your business, build your website and maintain a healthy SEO campaign all on your own. You would be wise to hire an SEO consultant in Los Angeles who has a tremendous amount of expertise and experience in the field of search engine optimization and is an expert in the field.

Many people do not understand that online search engines constantly evolve. They change their algorithms (the specifics behind how their search results are calculated…all very technical). By hiring an expert SEO consultant in Los Angeles, you don’t have to worry about these changing algorithms or metrics used by the online search engine companies. All you will need to worry about is what to do with the traffic that great SEO will bring to your website.

In today’s online savvy world, it isn’t enough for a business to just have a website. Businesses need to have a way to be found online. Consumers are not typically going to look beyond the second page (let alone the first page) of search results, especially when they need a product or service quickly. This is another reason hiring a Professional Optimizer SEO consultant in Los Angeles would be a serious advantage to your business. They know their way around search engine optimization and they understand what the search engines are looking for when it comes to keywords, tags, bolded texts, pictures, captions and everything else that goes into making you more visible online.

Many business owners who have an online presence know how important it is to have a good website, but a good website doesn’t bring customers through your door. That takes SEO, which is something a majority of business owners are not proficient at. That is why they need to hire their search engine optimization out to the experts at Professional Optimizer. Let our SEO consultants work on your business online visibility so you can do what you do best…take care of your customers.

SEO manager you need

What exactly is SEO or Search Engine Optimization? How can SEO make your site get all the traffic you ever imagined? The answer is simple. When people come online, they find about a site through the use of search results. They enter specific words known as keywords to get the search results. We help you get the right keywords which will draw the most number of visitors to your site. Search Engines like Google uses a variety of factors to rank web pages in its search results.

Be it keyword density, the age of the site, relevancy of the content or the trustworthiness of the site, search engines like Google consider a variety of factors while ranking web pages.

Factors like the number of sites linking to your site and the number of sites you are linking to – all goes into the complex algorithm search engines use to come up with their search results. SEO managers make sure that your site is fully optimized so that search engines just seem to love your site! We do all the necessary keyword analysis and research necessary to give you exactly what you need.

Investing in SMO

While SEO remains your primary focus, there are different aspects of it that you need to know. For instance, SMO is the most widely used methods today, apart from SEO, to make your website reach the top of the rankings in search results. So what is SMO? SMO or Search Media Optimization is one of the most effective online marketing strategies today.

SMO depends on you using some great, fresh and dynamic content on your web pages regularly to increase your visitor count significantly.

– You get visitors through the use of some good social media activity. With new social media platforms like Facebook coming up, SMO can be a great asset.

– Get the content of your site are read by more people, and you get quality traffic.

– Add RSS feeds to your site content along with performing a whole host of other activities, to make your site SMO optimized.

Not many sites use SMO and SEO Manager can come in real handy. SEO allows you to rise above the crowd and create your own niche in the web world.

How can a SEO Manager Help?

Trust SEO Manager to help you increase your profits and sales. Here is a brief overview as to what we provide with our SEO services:

– Monthly reports where you can judge how the progress has been yourself

– Quality link building

– Building link popularity

– Right amount of keyword usage

– In-depth analysis

– Quality content on web pages

– Great search engine compatibility combined with quality links from social networks

– Keyword usage at appropriate places

– Generation of quality traffic

– 1st-page rankings for your web page.

Professional Optimizer

The right SEO Manager can make your SEO campaigns successful Trust them to know all about the latest SEO tactics being used.

SEO specialist to guide you

On 26 October 2015, Google confirmed a piece of news about their search results processing system. Google admitted to using artificial intelligence to monitor its search results. This is what is called Google Rankbrain. It is a machine learning artificial intelligence system. Machine learning refers to a system where a program itself learns things, rather than being taught by humans. According to Google, in a list of important ranking factors.

Rankbrain comes in the top three, right up there along with content and links.

Rankbrain works by learning from every new search made. Basically, it uses artificial intelligence and embeds huge amounts of language into vectors. Vectors are mathematical entities. When Rankbrain is faced with a new word or a phrase that it isn’t familiar with or hasn’t encountered before, it makes a close guess as to what it might mean, and then filters the result accordingly.

What do you need to know about RankBrain?

Considering that new searches and terms make up almost fifteen per cent of queries each day according to Corrado, the importance of Rankbrain shoots up as providing the right results even when the same words might not occur in the result document/ image etc. gives an average user a feeling of the search engine almost reading their mind. This is an excellent way to keep customer loyalty and not even give them a chance to sample other search engines.

How can it Affect your SEO Strategy?

In essence, Rankbrain conducts that part of the search that makes Google such a good search engine – the nonexplicit part. When a user types a search query, (oversimplifying the SEO process for the sake of explanation)it is obvious that search results that have the same words will show up. However, Rankbrain finds those results that might not have the same words but are relevant to the search query. This makes the search results more effective.

Google has always been secretive about its ranking factors and for good reason. The search engine doesn’t want companies/ advertisers to use knowledge of their algorithms to trick the search engine into displaying certain pages in the search results, even if they might not be what the user is looking for. There are well over two hundred ranking factors.

Click through rates
Modern SEO strategies are the new norm. Filling your content with keywords irrespective of the relevance or quality of the content isn’t going to be good enough. You need to increase your click through rates – this should be the most important target. CTRs are your best bet in the circumstances.

Your CTRs need to be highly organic. There will be many other alternatives that a user will see along with your CTR. You need to make it look such that people will want to click. Along with Rankbrain, Google has recently made some other changes, namely removing the ads that used to be displayed on the right-hand side of the search results. This increases the competition even more. At such a stage it becomes important to achieve results – and that means phenomenal click-through rates.

Professional Optimizer – Why do you need one?

An SEO specialist in Los Angeles would know exactly what your SEO campaign needs, to help you get to the top of Google rankings and not worry about things like Google Rankbrain.

Local SEO services will rank you in Google Map

You are looking at opening a new restaurant in your area, and are looking for gaining more customers. A good way to do that is to go online.

The key to success of on demand business is finding a sector where demand exceeds supply. Supply of goods or services is also difficult to access, making the demand rise. A recent startup released a mobile app called Washio which helped users with their laundry. They pick up your laundry from your residence and return it washed within 24 hours. The convenience provided by the service has already made it popular.

SEO and How You Can Go About It

Often times it is not possible to find a target niche where markets are over competitive. You can start researching developing markets and regions where there is a lack of specific goods and services.

Your keywords need to be varied, and needs to include long tail keywords in the plenty, a sure way to increase your visibility online. Most keywords that have high number of average monthly searches though, are already in high competition, as Google Analytics would tell you.

Once you do find a niche and start your business, you have to maintain your consistency when you need to scale. Having a business without the possibility of growth is one of the greatest mistakes to commit.

• Find a target niche with low competition
• Research for products and services you can offer
• Decide how you will operate
• Launch your business
• Make preparations for scaling as per need

How to Start Getting Customers For Your Business?

Let’s say you have started your own restaurant Store online.

• First, you need to find suitable products to sell.

• Once you have your store running, you need to make it visible. Various SEO techniques, advertising, and online promotion can drive more consumers to your website resulting in higher sales.
• Having proper cyber security is essential for running an online store. You will be dealing with sensitive credit card and bank information. Your website needs strong protection and security protocols like SSL certificates for users to trust your brand.
• You can track your consumer habits and preferences in real time with analytics generated by eCommerce platforms. This gives a better insight into your target audience helps you make right business decisions and effective marketing campaigns.
• With insight gathered from the analytics, you can upsell your products. You can push responsive notifications to recommend products. You can also use options like responsive chat when someone is on a particular product page for a long time. You can provide assistance can convert the lead to sales.

Professional Optimizer and How They Can Help You?

Local SEO services in Los Angeles will help your site rank higher in local search results. This will in turn improve sales, help increase brand visibility and give you much better ROI. Since it’s not advertising, you are actually saving a lot over time. You will get the best results possible for your SEO campaigns.

Best SEO expert in LA

Looking to get more out of your SEO campaigns? You would need to look for the perfect SEO expert LA then. SEO contains a lot of work to be done. For instance, it can include the following.

1. Create a sitemap for search engines

If they know the pages your site has and its structure, the chances of them missing out indexing important URL’s are far lesser. One of the best ways to tell search engine robots which pages to index, apart from creating a sitemap, is to create one robot.txt file.

2. Using the right plugins

Many Premium WordPress plugins like Premium SEO would do that for you. Otherwise, you can use sites like Robot Generator. 10. Flash Nobody uses Flash these days. Most browsers do not support it, and even Google Chrome has announced that it would make Flash optional for users. Most of Flash’s problems come from the fact that it has plenty of security loopholes that can easily compromise user security and make them prone to hackers.

3. The Checklist

How high is your website ranking? Check your website for the different keyword phrases you’ve targeted to see how it is faring. You would want your website to be on the first page of Google for those keywords. If you do not see your website even in the first few pages, you’re going wrong somewhere.

It could be because of improper site architecture or because your site still doesn’t have any credibility, or something else. You would need to go back to the checklist to see where you’ve gone wrong. Your page needs to load faster, be more user-friendly, and have content that search engines can index. Technical SEO deals with all these, and this checklist will help you ensure that search engines know just what you’ve to offer.

Having the Proper Canonicalization

You need to be technically sound at the backend. Here is a look at some of the things that you can do to ensure that your website’s sitemap is exactly as it should be. a. Canonicalization The URL’s tell the search engine what your content is about. And it all starts right from your home page. Only have one home page URL, so as not to confuse the search bots. Canonicalization is important. Do you want to have categories, subcategories and then tags? How do you want your web page URL’s to appear? Do you just want to display the post name with the URL or do you want to display the category too.

For instance, a web page could be any of the following:


Having a proper canonicalization would help search engines index your pages in an easier and correct way.

Why do you need Professional Optimizer?

The right SEO expert LA would tell you how to get the best results. From setting up SEO campaigns to ensuring that you can get the best results, an SEO Expert LA does it all.

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