Your website is the image of you and your business. It is your # 1 salesman and should have all the leads captured tools to sell your products or services while capturing as many leads as possible. Google’s latest algorithm also checks the layout and design of your website and a website that can keep the visitor longer, gets better ranking. Google collects the data that is called “User Behavior” mostly from the most used browser in 2016 Google Chrome. Through Chrome, they can track the visitor’s behavior from the moment they enter your website until the minute they exit. If your website is capable of keeping the visitors more than 3 minutes, will gain more authority which will result in better ranking. Google also checks the bounce rate of your website and gives a better ranking to websites with lower bounce rate. Google is all about offering quality sites, does not want to show a website that people do not like and exit right away. Also, your website should be mobile friendly so the mobile visitors do not exit the site.  Click here to check the advantages of a mobile website.

We need to understand that we have two kinds of visitors, visiting our website which are actual visitors and Google spiders and needs to make sure that we satisfy both.  We design a website that will not only be visitors friendly but will give Google what they like to see on a website to maximize your ranking process. Google likes a website that loads fast so the visitor does not have to wait for the site to load. That is another factor, they consider in their ranking process.


Here are some advantages of the website’s that we design:

  • No flash program, since Google hates flash
  • Google friendly coating
  • Visitors friendly and easy to navigate
  • Fast loading speed
  • Low bounce rate
  • Mobile responsive

Most of the web designers do not consider these factors when they design the website and most of the website’s that are designed for them is not what Google wants to see. The design work of a website should be done by marketing experts that understand the both aspects of the equation which is Google spiders and actual website visitors.

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