Whether you sell a product or service you should use the power of video to sell your products or services and connect with the visitor. It is much easier to sell a product or service through video than content since people like watching a video more than reading content. Once you have your video file, you will not only be able to put it on the website but also upload it to all the video submission platforms such as YouTube, and post it in social media. Professional Optimizer’s video production team makes following kinds of videos:

  1. Commercial videos: Commercial videos are done using animations and voiceovers advertising your products or services. Through a commercial video, you can quickly deliver the message to your audience describing your product or service. This kind of videos ca also be done by filming your location and an interview with the business owner and our cameraman can come to your location and film the whole thing.

Below is an example of a commercial video:

     2. Testimonial Videos: Everyone loves watching testimonials and a testimonial video from your current clients will build instant credibility and will sell your product or service. Our professional team can come to your location and film your customer’s or patient’s testimonials, depending the kind of business you are in professionally. If you already have video testimonials from your customers, we can make it look very professional by adding professional spokes models in the beginning and voice over at the end of the video.

Below is an example of a testimonial video:

    3. Review Videos:  We all know that everyone check your reviews before contacting you.We also know that people love watching a video more than reading content.  So we combined the power of reviews with the videos and created review videos. Review videos can increase the credibility of your business instantly. The way it works is that we convert one of your reviews to a video, with professional spokes models that work for news channels and some even interview celebrities to a video format which you can promote it everywhere. The video will also have a background picture of your office, or business, the phone number, and website’s name. You can put this video on the website, submit it in social media and more.

Below is an example of a review video:

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