Online businesses have replaced traditional systems of retail and wholesale. Now there exists only a thin line between a product and a service. This thin line is intersected by the value content adds to marketing. It is what differentiates the degrees of good marketing. At this juncture we then need to surely ask – what actually is content and inbound marketing? ANd how can online video marketing, which comes under content, help you?

Lets tickmark:

  1. Valuable information
  2. Quick outreach
  3. Affordable.

This checklist is a prior debunking of both content and inbound marketing. C.C. Chapman defines content marketing as ‘anything a company creates and shares to tell their story.’

It is clear that content isn’t saleable but it rather reflects on the product that is going to be sold via the content and the customer reading the content – an indirect transaction is what is expected and social network makes it possible and accessible. Yet history takes us back to the year 1895 when John Deere started distributing a magazine called ‘The Furrow’ to its customers. So content marketing was always around but it did receive its popularity since 2001 and rose to prominence after the social network boom.

Besides content marketing, there is yet another type of marketing which has got its deserved due of attention in the recent times – inbound marketing. Many would agree that inbound marketing is a subset of content marketing or the vice-versa. But let us try to understand both of them at a safe distance.

Inbound Marketing starts with the basic idea of DND – do not disturb your customers when they are doing something else. Let them rather approach the company or service in place themselves – hence comes the term inbound because this marketing strategy is intended at inbound customers. The characteristic trait of inbound marketing lies in offering the right content at the right time to the right customer. Cutting down on the extraneous information and keeping it simple via blogs, videos, pop ups, inbound marketing aims at drawing the customer’s attention when they are themselves looking for the content on offer.

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Understanding Content Marketing

Now content marketing has a multidisciplinary platform and uses various channels of propagation. The main idea is to create and spread content – to do this, sharing on various channels of the same content is necessary which basically pinpoints at the strategy of creating outreach first and then customers.

On the other hand, inbound marketing shall be more centred on keeping the content within a certain platform and attracting customers to the platform (it can be the company’s website or blog) by compelling them to read worthwhile content which they seek. If building relationships are what content marketing looks forward to, then converting a user’s search into a customer’s deal is what inbound marketing deals with.

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The right online video marketing Los Angeles consultant will guide you through your marketing needs. With the right content strategy, you can do a whole lot more!